1. All vehicles will be parked on aggregated asphalt. It is not paved.

2. This application signs you up for the event mentioned. You are required to fill out the application so we know how many vehicles will be joining us.

3. HARMLESS: You agree to hold Leave It To Me Promotions LLC harmless from and all liability, including but not limited to theft, personal injury, public enemy, and to indemnify Leave It To Me Promotions LLC for any damages arising from your conduct at the event.

5. ARRIVAL: All vehicles that want to be in the show must arrive 1 hour before the show starts.

6. PAYMENTS: We expect that all vehicles that are applying pay for the entry fee prior to the event. 

7. SAFETY: The following items are prohibited and will result in the immediate removal if found:

i. Alcohol, Tobacco or Drug related Paraphernalia

ii. Fireworks of any kind

iii. Guns, Rifles, Firearms of any kind, Knives

iv. Weapons of any kind, including Mace and/or Pepper Spray

Should you feel like you are in any danger from a customer, please have a buddy system and flag your neighbor to get one of the staff to assist.

8. MARKETING: You agree to help promote the event by sharing the event details on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media. This will allow more people to see the event.

9. All shows are a Show and Shine but we will provide voting for the best vehicle based on type. A small gift will be provided to those winners. 

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