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Food Handlers Card

Label Requirements

Approved Food List

Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) - Do I need a License?  

Apply for TPT License

Food Truck Permit

Business Insurance - This is who I use for both me as a Vendor as as an Event Organizer. Reach out to him for your business  insurance needs. 

Richard Morris - Southwest Premier Insurance Agency

Phone: 480-336-2707



Regulations and Licenses:

Growers/Farmers are not required to have any licenses as long as they only sell raw vegetables. A farm inspection is the only requirement. If a farmer sells eggs, a Arizona Egg Producer License is required.

* Arizona agricultural vendors who grow their own produce are exempt by state statute from tax and other permits to sell their own produce. Health and safety requirements must still be met.
* Any grower reselling produce besides their own is subject to all relevant licenses and fees.
Food Vendors need a valid Maricopa Health Department Permit, Liability Insurance (see insurance), and a TPT License and may be required to have a Liability Insurance depending on their product(s).
Food Trucks/Trailers are required to have the same licenses as a Food Vendor plus their truck/trailer needs to be inspected by the local Fire Department.
Craft/Other Vendors are required to have a TPT License and may be required to have a Liability Insurance depending on their product(s).    Maricopa County Tax Rate - RETAIL: 6.3 % -Property is in the Unincorporated area of Queen Creek in which you are only required to pay MAR County Tax


We do have portable power that you can rent. It will not supply enough power for a food truck. 

We will always have free WiFi the day of our shows.
All spaces are outdoors. Spaces will be on a dirt lot with hay straw laid out to assist with dust control.

Car Shows - All vehicles will be on Aggregated Asphalt; it is not paved. Keep that in mind if you want to join our car shows. 

Vendors and Vehicle Entry:

A vendor or vehicle application must be filled out for each event. 

Vendor fees must be paid 1 week in advance of the event. 

If you are direct sales, you must get an approval of your product prior to paying your vendor fee.

You must supply your own tent, tables, chairs, etc. However we do rent them for $25 if you do not have one.

Tent/Canopy is required for all shows.

Tent /Canopy weights and stakes are REQUIRED. We are not liable for any damage to your property if weather permits.

No refunds will be allowed if you are unable to attend. 

Events are RAIN or SHINE;

Bring applicable sunscreen, clothes etc...

No Open Toe Shoes.

Setup and Tear Down:
Event set up will begin 1.5 hours prior to the event opening.  
Tear down can only occur at the end of the show unless approved by the organizer. If you do tear down prior to the end time you may lose the opportunity to participate in future events
Booth sharing must be approved by the organizer.  


PLEASE check your junk mail for our email communications if you are not receiving them! Email is our primary source of communication.


BRING YOUR A GAME - SMILE – No one wants to come to an event with a poor attitude.

If you come with a poor attitude, we have the right to ask you to not return to our events. 


It is everyone's job to post about the event. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Email, etc.... The more you post and share about the event means more people will know about our events. Feel free to share my Facebook events to your page if you do not want to recreate it.   We will be marketing in many different places including Newspapers, Yelp, AZ Central, Eventbrite, Evvnt, Queen Creek Macaroni Kid, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more.  GO TEAM!!!!!

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